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Rt Observations, Nitpicks And Bugs

Discussion in 'Known Issues & Bug Reports' started by Coppo, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Coppo

    Coppo Active Member

    Sep 21, 2017
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    Notes on Rapid Transit DLC for TSW

    General comments

    This has not been rendered correctly. There are no pull off/ tension posts and no neutral sections. The result is not realistic.

    Level crossings:
    Do not operate, and there is no sound of any crossing signal from outside.

    Boundary “Walls”:
    In general these have been added to restrict access to many of the sidings and rail yards. Whilst not essential for the scenarios and services set in this release it is disappointing, especially when walking around, and some do interfere with getting about the stations.

    There are however, some places where the wall has a gap and you can get to see this:


    Walking in the underground sections: you do not make any sound walking on the paths in the tunnels, but you do if you walk on the tracks.

    Is fog meant to be present in the tunnels during “foggy” scenarios?

    This may be me not looking, but, can the measurement units applied to both the distance markers and the speed readings reflect the nation that they are in i.e. imperial/ US units for CSX and GW and metric units for RT (all the limits are set in Km/ Kmh, and the programme converts them to imperial)

    At Dessau – signal 26N7 has the decal back to front
    Cannot access platform 2 from the ramp at the south end.

    At Dessau Sud: cannot access platform 2 from the ramp at the north end

    At Wolfen: at platform1 south end – can descend the steps, but cannot ascend them back to the platform

    At Greppin – noticed a weird graphical glitch on the level crossing, whereby the road markings were flickering.

    At Petersroda: the pedestrian ramp to the bridge at platform 1 has a boundary wall half way up. The stairs next to it do not.

    Artwork (decals):
    Decals missing from the Halt für Rangierfahrten signs. (e.g. near Kilometre post 45.0)
    There are a number of decals missing from station signs as well (are the smoking signs banned from games?) Could DTG approach the German Travel Service for permission to use some tourist posters of Germany in the game?

    I came across this:
    Clearly the lady concerned has ideas above her station…

    This point has no lever:

    This wall section at the north end of the underground section should not be glowing:


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  2. Coppo

    Coppo Active Member

    Sep 21, 2017
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    and another thing... For Deitys' sake DTG get some names of the stations/key locations on the 2D map... How hard can this be??

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