Ruhr-sieg South Route Extension

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  1. BR 143 with 4 n-Wagen

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  2. BR 425/426

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  1. seblay1608

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    The Ruhr-Sieg-Line goes from Hagen via Letmathe, Finnentrop and Kreuztal to Siegen. In Ruhr-Sieg Nord the Route was built to Finnentrop (~60km). The Part in the south of Finnentrop is ~45km long and goes via Lennestadt and Kreuztal to Siegen. There are also the RE16 and the RB91, both every 60 Minutes. The trains drive 40 Minutes (RE16) or 50 Minutes (RB91) from Finnentrop to Siegen. From Hagen to Siegen the trains need 90 Minutes (RE16) or 100 Minutes (RB91). The full Route Hagen-Siegen has a lengh of 109km. Until 2007, there was the RB56 Hagen - Letmathe -Iserlohn, this train is also in the timetable from Ruhr-Sieg Nord included, but the Route to Iserlohn isn't included. This Route is 5km long and goes today from Letmathe via Dechenhöhle to Iserlohn. It would be nice, if you build this route too.

    Until 2007, there was on the RE16 and RB91 a BR143 with 4 n-Wagen or there was a DB BR 425/426. The BR425 is already included in Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr, the BR426 is a BR425 with only 2 units. The BR143 is already in Ruhr-Sieg Nord, but with Dostos. On the Ruhr-Sieg line, they drove with 4 n-Wagen instead of Dostos. But on the RB56 was a BR143 with one Dosto Cabcar (3. Generation or 4. Generation from 1997).

    In the DLC "Ruhr-Sieg Süd Route Extension" i would include
    the Route from Finnentrop to Siegen Hbf, which is an extension to Ruhr-Sieg Nord,
    a BR 425 or 426 (maybe both?) or
    a BR 143 with n-Wagen,
    a BR 185.2 with some freight


    Optional you can also include
    the Route from Letmathe to Iserlohn,
    Hagen-Vorhalle, a big shunting place,
    another shunting loco (BR 294, 261?),
    a BR 140 or 151 for freight trains
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  2. Swisstrains

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    Very nice!
  3. FD1003

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    I agree, we should get the full route like what we had in RW
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  4. Mat_Jam_Ca

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    That would be a nice extension.

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