Rush Hour Improvements For Rapid Transit

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    TrainSim-Adam Since Rapid Transit got updated with new additions few months ago this year, it brought new life to the route. I would like to see further improvements that were featured in the 3 rush hour routes:
    • Rush Hour passenger system
    • Increase a.i. traffic on services not included on the 2021 timetable
    Increase a.i. traffic
    While the new playable services like the S1, S2, S6, and S8 were great, I would like to see more other services if possible to be playable or as a.i. only. I don't expect this to happen at all but if it does, I don't expect every single service to be included.
    • S2 Leipzig-Stötteritz - Lutherstadt Wittenberg Hbf
    • S3: Halle-Trotha - Halle Hbf - Schkeuditz - Leipzig - Wurzen - Oschatz
    • S4: Hoyerswerda - Falkenberg - Torgau - Leipzig - Markkleeberg-Gaschwitz
    • S5/S5X: Halle (Saale) Hbf - Leipzig/Halle Flughafen - Leipzig Hbf (tief) - Altenburg - Zwickau (Sachs) Hbf (PDF, 2 MB)
    • S8: Halle (Saale) Hbf - Lutherstadt Wittenberg Hbf
    • RE 10 (DB Regio Nordost) at Leipzig Nord
    • RE 13 (DB Regio Südost) as a.i. only: Dessau Hauptbahnhof – Wolfen – Bitterfeld – Delitzsch unterer Bahnhof – Leipzig Messe – Leipzig Hauptbahnhof
    • RE 42 (DB Regio Bayern) at Leipzig Hbf
    • RE 50 (DB Regio Südost) at Leipzig Hbf
    • RB 113 (DB Regio Südost) at Leipzig Hbf
    South of Leipzig Messe needs to look busy with a lot of traffic activity.
    Timetable services for all S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland including RE13.
    I can't find any timetable for other RB/RE services.
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