Rush Hour Passenger Volume Question

Discussion in 'PC Discussion' started by QNS Chris, Oct 6, 2021.

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    Hi all - apologies if this has been asked / clarified before, but I was curious - does the rush hour passenger volume (recently added to the Bakerloo line, among others) include train traffic as well, or is this limited to NPC volume on platforms / trains?

    If limited to NPC volume, when/can we expect to see train traffic increased as well on legacy pax routes? Increased train traffic would make a world of difference on Bakerloo, LIRR, ECW, etc.

    Thanks for the look.
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    RH Passenger volume is just that, passengers.
    Train volume is reliant on several interacting systems, all of which are "per route" and all of which have to be upgraded and tested to then allow more trains without huge issues
    First off the signalling has to be redone. This is so that trains can "book the track ahead" so you don't keep running into red lights when there's no trains there
    Secondly, the dispatcher has to be updated so that it's booking far enough ahead to stop the issue above, but no so far ahead it's blocking trains doing other movements
    Lastly you then have to actually timetable the whole thing

    And of course, doing all of this without losing people's existing route records, points, awards etc is all something DTG have to keep in mind also

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