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    Part of the S3 Line of the Munich S-Bahn is already in the HMA Route. Today, I'm suggesting the S1 Line of the Munich S-Bahn to start getting most of the system in.

    The S1 Line runs between Munich Airport and Munich East. It uses BR 423's (and possibly the BR 420) which is already in the game. That means that the focus is only on the actual route. The Line has 22 Stations. The Line runs with/alongside the S3 Line, Regional Express, and the ICE trains for about half of its route.
    Now, this may or may not be possible but, it would be cool to see ONLY AI Regional/ICE/S3 services pass you. It would give the route more life.


    Here is a map of the line (S1 is Light Blue).

    PIS (Passenger Information Systems) and Announcements would be welcome on this route as well.
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