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    Some things we need in scenario planner 2.0

    A.I services,
    we should be able to chose any platform at any station and choose what station it goes to, or if it goes off the map onto another route

    Couple different units/locos together
    If this was added, you would be able to couple 2 different trains together, or multiple of the same with a different livery.

    Auto-add services
    This would involve adding services that come from timetable mode, this would be an on/off option, where we would be able to take timetable mode on one route, and use different trains on that route.

    This Is obvious, there should be an option to add weather that changes over time, for example at 15:30 it could be snowing, and then at 14:10 the snow could have stopped and would start to melt

    Multiple services
    Once we do 1 service, our scenario ends, and we get sent back to the menu, however if we could start another service after doing one service, that would add a lot more variety to each scenario
    For example, if we wanted to do a railtour from glasgow central-neilston, we could return to Glasgow and head out towards newton, and head back towards Glasgow again.

    This is just a few things that could help make scenario planner better in 2.0, but these alone would vastly improve scenario planner.
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