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Seaboard Air Line Railroad Baldwin To Tampa Route

Discussion in 'Content Suggestions & Proposals' started by 777Gaming, Sep 14, 2018.

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    Sep 13, 2018
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    Hi, I have a new idea that I think would be really cool for Train simulator. I think it would be interesting to have a Seaboard Air Line route from Baldwin to Wildwood and over to Tampa, as it was in the mid 1960's. The route would have the S-Line all the way through North/South as the main line, but also would include the Brooksville Subdivision (branch-line out of Waldo). There would also be depots along the way. The locomotives included would be a EMD E7 with standard E8 sounds in Citrus Scheme and "Mint Green and Orange" with some E7B's in the same configuration, and Silver Service coaches for passenger service. For freight, some GP40's in the "Jolly Green Giant" scheme with SD40T-2 sounds and some FT's sets in Seaboard Standard scheme with the WP F7 sounds. Also a standard SAL wagon pack (boxcars, gondolas, covered hoppers, etc.) would be included. Anyway I hope you take my proposal into consideration and also, I hope it isn't too difficult to build. NOTE: I will no longer be posting updates on this post, so if you want to upvote it or see the edits, go to the post in Route Proposals.

    Kind regards, 777Gaming

    BTW Here are some reference images.
    E7 Mint Green and Orange
    E7 Citrus Scheme
    The first 4 are a standard set of FTs (FTA, FTB, FTB, FTA). The one closest to the camera is an F3.
    GP40 in "Jolly Green Giant" Scheme.
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