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Discussion in 'Creators Club' started by swift19, Mar 27, 2024.

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    Sep 26, 2021
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    Hi I have a few suggestions for CC. I'm writing this as a ps5 user.

    Please introduce an ability to filter scenarios by the route or driven loco. It is difficult to find what you need, especially if people don't put the route name in the title.

    Please do similar for liveries. We should be able to get only class 158 liveries to show or only hst for example.

    Please make it so if we click on the creators name, it takes us to a list of their other creations. Often a users scenario may require their liveries and it is a real pain trying to find them sometimes.

    Is there a way to make scenario descriptions link to the liveries required for the scenario in question?

    Lastly please add a toggle so custom liveries don't show if I don't want them to. There's nothing worse than driving London to Brighton and a scotrail livery goes past!

    CC could be so great with just a little tweaking.

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