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    May 2, 2019
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    So far, I've been very impressed that Dovetail have managed to bring such a great train sim to home consoles, giving a much wider audience the opportunity to enjoy what it might be like to drive real locomotives without leaving the comfort of their homes. Attention to detail is brilliant and the dev teams passion for what they do clearly shines through.

    I'm really pleased that an 09 features on the WSR route, but would be thrilled to see more smaller locomotives introduced for switching, shunting and industrial trains, ncb, steelworks, that kind of thing.

    In particular an 03 with air tanks and flower pot exhaust in BR blue with wasp stripes would be amazing, a J94 Austerity in apple green NCB livery with wasp stripes on the buffer beams, maybe a battered old Sentinel dragging hot slag around at an old steelworks, that kind of thing.

    Anyway, just a couple of thoughts and ideas. Great work Matt & Team, keep building and I'll keep buying :)
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    The good news is that we will be getting two lots of UK freight soon with an add on for NTP and the Tees valley route.
    Both featuring the Class 08, which I cannot wait to shunt with!
    I enjoy the 09 but pushing the odd passenger coach around a station doesn't have the same appeal as a large yard full of different consists.

    I love your other suggestions however, they sound great!
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