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Simple Additions That Would Go Along Way

Discussion in 'Future Content and Feature Requests' started by 6ndrew1985, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. 6ndrew1985

    6ndrew1985 New Member

    Aug 14, 2019
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    I just want to say im incredibly happy with the game, and the new update and career mode is fantasic and provides the much needed depth.

    With that being said have a few ideas after the last update, that could be altered,restored or tweaked.

    1. Can we have the ability to treat the boat as a peg and fish from the boat with 3 rods? For the catfishing its would really improve the dynamic.

    2.Restore the stories behind the trophy catches. One of the coolest things was catching one and check him out in the fishing logs and reading his story or where he was last seen. It adds an interesting lore to the game.

    3. Very happy with the addition of new catfish. Is there any way we could get Flathead catfish and or Blue Catfish

    4. Adding new baits: Hotdogs, stink bait, chicken liver
    Just something to open up the catfishing a little more with some classic baits.
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  2. redryan1989

    redryan1989 New Member

    Aug 21, 2019
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    Amen. I want more catfishing like we have here at home. It's be nice too if the fish actually yanked on the rod a little too. Actually gave you a reason to pull back on it.
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  3. sam_s

    sam_s New Member

    Sep 17, 2019
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    2 catfish that was on river monster tapah there’s some in gillhams and the rare one the goonch catfish they would be good additions I think or and snakehead.

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