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    Just a few observations from my day playing BML.

    • The sounds aren't quite levelled correctly on the electrostars, much quieter. I also used to be able to hear the brakes on the 166 also but since the audio was changed its much harder to here it now.
    • I wanted to a play a service at around 2300 hours, and of course with the massive amount of services on the 377 (not complaining) I had to spend a good couple of minutes holding my thumb on the down pad to get to the later times on the service page. Could there be an easier way to scroll down the large number of services? Maybe we can type in the time in the search bar as well as the service number.
    • Had my first unsuccessful run (have reported it) on 2V81.

    Update 8/10 - Make that two unsuccessful runs now.... Where's the QA here?
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