Some London Commuter Bugs And Mistakes...

Discussion in 'PC Discussion' started by Der Uni, Oct 27, 2021.

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    Hello Everyone,

    first off all i want to say thank you to Dovetailgames for this excellent Route in Train Sim World 2.
    I love the Brighton Main Line. Lots of Traffic, lots of Fun.

    Where there is light, there is also shadow
    So i have found Random Bugs and Errors along the Route, that i want to Share with you (and Sorry if these are reported already):

    Most of the Location i did´nt have the right Station names or Milepost, but i hope you can found it out, where it is.

    Picture 1: In the Gatwick Sidings there are some Signs that Shows a "Zero Speed Limit"


    Picture 2: I think someone "kicked" the Lamppost in Selhurst Platform 4


    Picture 3: I think these people should get out of Danger in Redhill


    Picture 4: In East Croydon some strange Text "UK_Distant_Clear_C" on the Platform


    Picture 5: If You want get in or out of the Train, you have to Jump a half Mile


    Picture 6: In Reigate someone have stolen the Text


    Picture 7: In Redhil the Platform 2 switched to Platform 1 (or from 1 to 2)


    Picture 8: Sign says "80" - Train Sim World 2 says "60"


    Picture 9: Same at East Croydon (45 mi to 60 mi)


    Sometimes, if i complete a Train Service an leave the Train to go to the Next Train, the AI did not Move the Train out of the Station/Way or Continue the Travel. So my "old Train" will be stationary in the Platform and blocked all the Traffic. And i have sometimes a Unreal Engine Crash direct to the Desktop.
    But it is and always will be a brilliant route.

    I will continue this Thread, if i found more...
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    I posted the "distant clear" text at east croydon in the layer feedback thread. Same for the giant gap of the platform.

    Missed the other ones, so i guess should be easy to fix for dtg. Except for random passenger spawn on track, seems to happen from time to time on other routes too.

    I also noticed many invisible walls when changing platforms over the passenger gangways.

    At least this could be fixed with a mod.
    With the wrong physics of the 150 its not that easy..
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    Imho, a moderator should combine similar threads about bugs on a specific route into one.
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