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Some Real Issues Must Dovetail Working On. ;)

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by Patrick Kolinski, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. Patrick Kolinski

    Patrick Kolinski Active Member

    Aug 4, 2018
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    :love::love::love:Hello fans and hello Dovetail Games.I really thank you for this game and i'm for real a good positive person who have a TSW wallpaper back on my macbook. But i think we have a lot of fans that we talking about problems problems problems on this "amazing" game. First of all i will not talk about glitches and fail things on the game scenarios and things like that...but i can't close my mouth on some real issues that a kid can see on this game. First of all...

    1. Ok with the scenarios, but the services are boring! The same station nothing going on and you starting it again and again...its boring guys! I want to calm down and playing it but is the same nothing happen around. Some new ideas will be good to add them...or add more scenarios!

    2. You cant buy a game on PS4 and receive these graphics. You can't drive the train and when other train pass to freeze like this, it ridiculous... Fix it guys!

    3. Add the damn names stations on the main route map. We need more details on it!

    4. Add cars! We need to see cars moving around in the roads and not that dead town...

    5. Must fix the horn, we push it so many times, it can't be without an echo...it's a train guys! Volume up!

    6. Fix that Paddington scene with all these people never move! Fix the people moves, when it rain they can't be there like in summer. Add some more details!

    7. Change weather when you move around...it's not realistic...sometimes need to rain or somewhere else we need some sun...logic...like in real life....

    8. And i'm finishing here... Change the prices!!!!!!! We will not support more the game if you release the DLC's with prices like this!!!

    Sorry for my english guys...i'm working on them.. :) Hope you can also give some feedback to the main community here and make them working fair for the clients.:mad::mad::mad:
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