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    The South Shore Line (reporting mark NICD) is an electrically powered interurban commuter rail line operated by the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) between Millennium Station in downtown Chicago and the South Bend International Airport in South Bend, Indiana, United States. The name refers to both the physical line and the service operated over that route. The line was built in 1901–08 by predecessors of the Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad, which continues to operate freight service. Passenger operation was assumed by the NICTD in 1989.
    Map of the line

    What Makes the South Shore Line Unique:
    The South Shore Line is one of few surviving interurban rail lines in the United States since the dawn of the 20th century, other interurban lines were converted into common shortlines or forms of public transportation such as heavy rail and light rail, or they were just demolished as a whole. The South Shore Line still lives up as an interurban rail line to this day without changing since the late 20th century. The idea of having an interurban rail line in Train Sim World sounds very interesting in my opinion. Although we already have the Sacramento Northern interurban line in the San Francisco Bay Area in Train Simulator, it wouldn't hurt to have another interurban line in either Train Simulator or Train Sim World.

    The South Shore Line has a total of 19 stations on the line (10 other stations are defunct), the usual weekday timetable consists of 20 eastbound services, 18 from Millennium Station, 2 from Carroll Avenue. These services terminate at different stops along the line, 5 at Gary Metro Center, 7 at South Bend Airport and 10 at Carroll Avenue. Along with these services are 21 westbound services; 7 from South Bend Airport, 9 from Carroll Avenue and 5 from Gary Metro Center. 19 of these services terminate at Millennium Station with the other 2 terminate at Carroll Avenue. The South Shore Line has 5 flag stops meaning that a train will only stop when requested (similar to the Bernina Line and Arosa Line on Train Simulator), these stops are McCormick Place, 63rd Street, Gary/Chicago Airport (Clark Road), Beverly Shores and Hudson Lake.

    Rolling Stock:
    The South Shore Line has 2 main rolling stock for passenger service; single level Nippon Sharyo electric multiple units that were mainly manufactured in the early 80s, and the newer Highliner II multiple units also manufactured by Nippon Sharyo (the Highliner II multiple units also serve on Metra's Electric District Line). Interms of freight service, the locomotive of choice is the GP38-2.
    Nippon Sharyo single level units
    Highliner II

    GP38-2 (image copyright and courtesy of Eddie from Chicago on Flickr)

    I think that the South Shore Line would be a great addition to Train Sim World along with bringing interurban rail into TSW. But I'd like to hear what other people have to say about this idea, I'm always eager to see what other peoples opinions are.
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    Really piqued my interest with this route. Seen about 18 of 44 mins, thus far, worth of a cab ride along the line via YouTube and I'm already sold. Awesome proposal.
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