South Western Railway Suburban Routes

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    Aug 28, 2020
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    please do a route which includes:
    Waterloo to Reading via Richmond
    Waterloo to Windsor and Eton Riv via Richmond
    Waterloo to Weybridge via Hounslow and Chertsey
    Waterloo to Waterloo via Richmond and Hounslow
    Waterloo to Shepperton via Kingston and/or Richmond
    Waterloo to Waterloo via Kingston and Richmond
    I would also like to see at least the 458/5 and 707s on this route with maybe a 701 and other fleets being added in the future.
    South Western Railway has so much potential from the SWML from Waterloo to Weymouth and the PDL from Waterloo to Portsmouth to the Hounslow Loop providing stopping and fast services for up to 120,000 passengers EVERY DAY with 99.5 million people using Waterloo EVERY YEAR. Please just an SWR suburban route. Also include passenger information screens at the stations
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