South Western Railway Waterloo - Reading And Branch Lines (61.5 Miles Total)

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    My suggestion for Train Sim World 2 is a modern day South Western Railway route. I would like this route to run from the following destinations:
    London Waterloo - Reading via Richmond (43.5 miles)
    London Waterloo - Windsor & Eton Riverside via Richmond (5 miles extra from Staines)
    London Waterloo - Weybridge via Hounslow (7.5 miles extra for Hounslow Loop, 5.5 miles extra for Virginia Water to Weybridge)

    I would like this route to be set in modern day 2021. Today this route's train are the:
    Class 707, Class 458 & Class 450.

    The Class 455 also runs this route but isn't very frequently seen.

    The service frequency of this route as of May 2021 is:
    2tph Waterloo - Reading
    2tph Waterloo - Windsor and Eton Riverside
    2tph Waterloo - Weybridge via Hounslow
    2tph Waterloo - Waterloo via Hounslow
    2tph Waterloo - Waterloo via Kingston (these services join this route at Twickenham before running to Waterloo via Richmond & are operated by Class 455s)

    Other info:
    Station count: 52
    Depot/Siding count: 1 @ Feltham Siding (Strawberry Hill depot could also be added which is a short drive from Twickenham)
    Bits already built: Reading station (From GWE) & Clapham Junction (From BML)
    Trains that could be layered on: Class 166 from GWE between Reading & Wokingham & Class 377 as AI at Clapham Junction
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