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Southeastern Metro Standalone Route/add-on?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by jos, Jun 20, 2021.

  1. jos

    jos New Member

    Jun 20, 2021
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    So here's my thinking; The chatham mainline + medway valley lines route is great but the lack of the north kent, and bexleyheath lines has always been a bit jarring to me, especially as a large amount of freight to and from hoo junction traverses the latter, so making realistic freight scenarios on the current route is rather limiting.

    My proposal is a route that comprises of the North Kent (With the Angerstein branch), Dartford Loop and Bexleyheath lines from Charing Cross, Cannon Street and Victoria going as far as Hoo Junction, the hayes branch from lewisham and, ideally, the SEML as far as orpington, including the bromley north branch. Effectively, this would be a south-east london network. Alternatively this could function as an add-on to the existsing chatham main & medway valley lines route (in a similar vein to the sheerness branch), which easily gives the most potential for player-created and official (career) scenarios, although I imagine this would end up being very memory intensive so it may make sense for it to just be sold as a standalone route instead.
    As implied in the title, I think it should be called "Southeastern Metro"

    In regards to stock sold with the route, the class 465 is an obvious candidate, possibly with an upgraded class 466 to correspond with the more modern class 465 model (which cant at all be hard to make considering how similar the two are). The 375 is also an option, although in real life the only section of track on this suggested route that they use regularly is the SEML down to Orpington and beyond. I also think that the class 376 should be a new train that would make a lot of sense to add on this route as all 3 branches up to dartford and the hayes branch are their stomping ground. Of course, I feel this route wouldnt be complete without the addition of freight stock. The most obvious option would be to re-use the class 59s used in the Chatham and medway valley lines DLC however I think it would be more realisitic to use a class 66 instead as that is what is usually seen operating aggregates trains in the region irl.

    All in all this is just a suggestion (somewhat of a personal dream of mine for this game) but I hope this maybe reaches someone of influence. Thanks for reading.
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