Sp/up Beaumont Hill: West Colton-indio Route

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by mconner535, Nov 21, 2021.

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    Nov 17, 2021
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    Here's another Southern Pacific/Union Pacific route yet to be created for Train Sim World 2. It would go from West Colton to Indio. The route is over 80 miles. It would be set in the 1950's-1960's-1970's-1980's-1990's-2000's-present day. The Southern Pacific rolling stock would include Cab Forward's, GS1's, AC-9's, GS6's, P Class 4-6-2's, MT Class 4-8-2's, 4-10-2's, 2-10-2's, 2-8-2's, 2-8-0's, 2-6-0's, 2-8-8-2's, 2-6-6-2's, 4-4-2's, 4-8-0's, SD40T-2's, SD45's, SD45R's, U33C's, U30C's, GP60's, B23-7's B30-7's, B36-7's, B39-9's, B40-8's, SD38-2's, SD39's, SD40R's, SW1500's, Alco PA-1's (A), Alco PA-2's (B), SD7's, SD9's,- H24-66's, H24-66's, Alco RSD15's, Alco DH643's, SD40M-2's, GP20's, GP30's, GP35's, MP15AC's, MP15DC's, E7's (A/B), E8's (A/B), E9's (A/B), C44-9W's, ML-4000's, SD70M's, GP40-2's, FT's (A/B), F3's (A/B), F7's (A/B), FP7's, GE 44's, C628's, C630's, GP40X's, AC4400CW's, NW2's, SD45T-2's, GP7's, GP9's, SDP45's, SD45R's, SD45X's, SD35's, SD35R's, GP40P-2's, U25B's, and H24-44's with the same freight and passenger equipment like Train Simulator has. The Union Pacific rolling stock would include ES44AC's, ET44AH's, ET44AC's, ES44AC's, SD40-2's, SD40T-2's, SD40M-2's, SD45's, U30C's, U33C's, SD70ACE's, SD70AH's, AC4400CW's, AC6000CW's, SD70M's, SD70MAC's, SD9043MAC's, SD90MAC's, SD60M's, SD70AH-T4's, SD70ACE-T4's, GP15-1's, GP38-2's, GP38N's, GP39-2's, SD50's, SD60's, SD62E's, SD38-2's, SD32ECO's, C44ACM's, SD59MX's, GP40-2's, GP60's, C30-7's, Dash 8-40C's, GP40X's, Gensets, GP22T4's, and SW10's with the same freight equipment like Train Simulator has. The Amtrak rolling stock would also include F40PH's, E8's, SDP40Fs, P40's/P42's, FP45's, and P30CH's pulling the Sunset Limited with the same passenger equipment like Train Simulator has.
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