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Special And Alternative Liveries For North American Trains

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Blacknred81, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. Blacknred81

    Blacknred81 Well-Known Member

    Aug 24, 2019
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    So, just somewhat of a small proposal, and something that has been mentioned a few times around, but it would be nice to see some either special or alternative liveries for some North American stock that is already in game or possibly coming in the future, some of these are simple small decals or emblems on existing locomotives, while other are new one off paint schemes. Ill keep this list updated as new content gets announced or released.

    Sand Patch Grade

    Talked about these in another thread here: https://forums.dovetailgames.com/threads/locomotive-proposal-csx-special-ac4400cws.38613/


    #7670 (Monon Emblem)

    #7765 (Chessie System)

    #7889 (ACL Emblem)

    Peninsula Corridor


    #925 (Jackie Speier)

    Cane Creek

    #6748 (John W. Givens Plaque Unit)


    NEC: Boston - Providence

    #600 (David L. Gunn)

    #642 (Veterans Unit)
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