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Special Thank You Tournament

Discussion in 'General' started by DTG Darren N, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. DTG Darren N

    DTG Darren N
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    Jun 14, 2016
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    Dear Community

    For all your patience and feedback over the last few weeks, we wanted to say thank you with a special tournament! Just by catching one fish, you will automatically qualify for 15,000 tackle points, 2nd place to 10th place will receive 20,000 and the overall winner in 1st place will receive a fantastic 30,000 tackle points, so you can buy that rod or reel you have been saving points for. The tournament will be available on both PC and Xbox One and will start today at 2pm (GMT) and run until 2pm on Monday 21st November. The tournament will take place on St Johns lake and the rules are very simple – every species counts and ranking is decided by total weight. You have one 60 minute attempt and the tournament will appear as Tournament 7 in our Live Tournaments section. Please remember you have to catch at least one fish to qualify for the 15,000 tackle points, but winning would double that to 30,000 so why not try and win ! 

    Good luck to everyone and thank you again from all of us on the Dovetail Games Euro Fishing Team.

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