Spessartrampe Banking Locos

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    Spessartrampe Banking Locos
    One of the main features of the upcoming Main-Spessart Bahn route are banking locomotives on the Spessartrampe section of the route. In the dlc the DB BR 185 will be used for this purpose, however in reality different locomotives performed this task. As a further dlc, more banking locos could be added to make the route more realistic
    DB BR 151

    The main loco used for Banking services was the DB BR 151 which helped Deutsche Bahn freight services over the steep gradient. Built in the early 1970s, this loco has a very different design to the DB BR 146 and 185 featured in the Main-Spessart route along with a completely different design of cab, adding variety and creating some challenge on the route.
    151 Cab.jpg
    Mittelweserbahn 1020 041 (DB E94/OBB 1020) 'Krokodil'

    When the Spessartrampe was in operation, Deutsche Bahn would not help the trains of rival companies. The Mittelweserbahn operated a banking locomotive, 1020 041 on the Spessartrampe route to help services operated by other companies. Whilst this could potentially face licensing issues, it would be good to see different operators added to German routes, something which has been lacking in German routes so far. With this loco as a starting point, locos of other companies could potentially be added if there are no major licensing issues. Constructed in the 1940s and 1950s, this would also be an opportunity to add a historical loco from Germany into Train Sim World and would also offer a completely new driving experience.​
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    I would rather have a German diesel shunter as the first German loco dlc, but this would be a great addon aswell.
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