Stand Still At Signal Jay 58r On Scenario Ferrying Folks On Lirr

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    Was gonna add a photo or video but it's hard when ur with someone and can't get a video when someone is talking in the background and it will take multiple photos to show u what I mean
    Signal Jay 58R (my train number 9934) danger signal
    Signal Jay 74R(AI train number 7232)
    all other trains
    (One on right side #9839 not doing anything one on left side #7534same thing)
    (At station jamaica where the scenario ends
    Platform 6 train #7808 not moving
    Platform 7 train #7464 same thing
    My train is scheduled at platform 8)
    Is this a bug or a glitch or something that can be fixed
    If so please do cause this will mark the scenario as incomplete and we will be waiting a long time before we can move again to finish the scenario
    And Everytime I contact signaller it says
    Denied wait for signal to change
    Plus if I go passed the red signal it will fail the scenario
    Also Jay 12R's name isn't aligned with the sign that picture I will attach
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