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Steamtrains Unlimited - R.c. De Visser

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by rcdevisser, Nov 6, 2020.

  1. rcdevisser

    rcdevisser Active Member

    Jul 29, 2018
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    Hi to all here,

    PICT0047XSmall_185x300.jpg R.C. de Visser during a shift on SSN engine 23 023

    Though I am well known online under my name as Steamtrains Unlimited during strams of Matt P. Sam and Nate, Alanthomsomsim and Just Trains, I usually do not that much at Forums and other kinds of Social Networking just because it takes valuable time for driving with steam locomotives within TS20xx.

    I do live in Rotterdam, NL, Born in 1965 divorced and father of three kids, I am employed as International Coachdriver and specialized in to drive tours in and through the UK mainly London, and South England. Also Scotland and Ireland are part of my specialism. I started as a cab driver and now for more than 30 years I am at the wheels. In that period I also drove at the Subway in Rotterdam for about 4 years before I made that move to International Coachdriver. At this moment due to the corona crisis I am dispatched to regular bus services at Qbuzz and RET because there are no tours neither national neither international for as long as the crisis remains.

    I am also SEO of my website with similar name followed by dot com of corse. My intention is to keep the knowledge and driving technique up to date for every one who likes to drive with steam. For many years I am busy with simulators. I started in 1995 with FS95 followed by FS98 and on to FS2004. In the meanwhile MSTS came out in 2001 and I moved over to my greatest passion of driving steam since that moment. FS remains a small part of my hobby but my passions is still steam locomotives.

    I am a former active member of the SWZ in The Hague. This club runs live steam at 3 1/2", 5" and 7 1/4" gauge. I drove there as well for many years throughout the park. After that I became a volunteer at SSN in Rotterdam restoring and finally firing German Steamers such as the 01 1075, 23 023, 65 018. I am not active anymore at this moment but still a member of SSN.

    I am not able to stream directly from my PC because of the fact my PC (Laptop) is way too old and slow and can not handle live stream during driving on TS20xx. My son'got PS4 and on my behalf TSW and TSW2 are installed in the PS4 from where I stream.

    Driving TSW(2) I do drive mainly historic engines on historic routes due to the major lack of steamers. My favorite engines are: DBAG Br 155, BR Class 45, BR class 08 (also because of the Dutch variant I knew very well)

    In TS20xx I got over 150 steamers and takes about 65% of my total collection. My Favorite engines are; 7MT Britannia Class, Black 5 and Merchant Navy (BMG) and the other advanced releases from Just Trains and BMG (now the most are also in store at DTG) From Germany the advanced engines from The Force Sim and some of Romantic Railroad such as the DR Br 03 and Br 44.

    I drive without HUD because it is unrealistic and I never seen some kind of a HUD in Real Life on a steamer. All information comes on the gauges on the footplate itself. I drive the steamer based on my experiences. Even in TSW I do not use the HUD display at all.

    Last but not least I wrote al my knowledge down in a hugh guide on the steam workshop. This guide is better known as; "Driving the Steam Locomotive and the Technical aspects." Later I made all this technical information available on my website as well.

    Here some picture of me and my youngest son. (He drives Bus Simulator)

    IMG_1842.JPG image_6483441.JPG IMG_0791.JPG
    29-07-2019 - The day the LNER Azuma was introduced at Kings Cross. Because I was on 6-day tour to London with a group and acompanied by my yougest son I was able to record this moment just after the inauguration of the Azuma. This day I had a day off and went to Stevenage with a class 43 one of the last days if the LNER class 43 in service. Luckely I had the advantage with my son to get on this train to Stevenage. A few days later the Azuma's came into service.

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  2. DTG Jamie

    DTG Jamie Staff Member

    Aug 24, 2020
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    Hi Ronald, welcome to the forums. Great website and steam workshop guide very helpful. Also the SSN Museum looks good, certainly one to visit.

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