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Stephen Please Respond!

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by chuney2001, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. chuney2001

    chuney2001 New Member

    Jul 28, 2019
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    the drag system is broken. The drag is there to save line breaks. It seems it works right after setting the hook but later in the fight with the same drag setting, it reaches max tension and possibly breaks. This should not happen, instead of breaking, the drag system is a “safety”. When the drag is set low enough for a particular fish, and the fish makes a run, the drag releases the spool so the fish takes line instead of reaching max tension and breaking. Secondly, the fight between a 3lb bass and a 12lb bass, (not limited to just bass, happens with every fish) is barely any different. In RL you can horse a pretty good size fish say between 1 and 5lbs or so right to the boat without drag even coming into play. The only exception would be if a lower lb test line is being used. And finally, gear ratios seem to make no difference that i can tell. For example if i am using a 5.1:1 bait caster and a 7.4:1 bait caster and retrieve them at 3 speed, their doesn’t seem to be any difference in retrieval speed at all. Also 1 more thing, sorry. The spinnerbaits need to be heavier. These lures in RL are very popular for bass, predator, etc.. Trying to use one that is in the game now you have to wait and wait and wait for it to get to desired depth and when it’s retrieving it seems to want to climb to the service instead of staying in the strike zone.
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