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Suggestions List For New Routes

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jo_Kim, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. San Fransico Cable Car

  2. Drammenbanen (with Askerbanen)

  3. Mexico City Metro Line 12

  4. Prague-Beroun

  5. Brockenbahn

  6. Metrorail Gauteng Johannesburg-Pretoria

  7. Øresundbanen

  8. Mumbai Suburban Railway Harbour Line

  9. Utrecht-Rotterdam

  10. Biebermühlbahn

  1. Jo_Kim

    Jo_Kim Well-Known Member

    Apr 28, 2019
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    I've collected some routes, that might be interesting to see in TSW2 and that are more or less in the range of route lengths, produced to this moment. I have also written down the rolling stock, safety systems, as well as arguments for and against the route. !There might be errors in the list!

    Please vote for your favorite. I would like to see the general interest in my suggestions because my preferred routes out of this list might vary largely to the ones of the community.

    If you have comments, questions or corrections to this list, feel free to comment down below.

    & - and (both of the suggestions together)
    / - or (one of these suggestions)
    // - seperate group (one set of suggestions or seperate addons)

    Comment on Biebermühlbahn (last entry):
    The Biebermühlbahn still seems quite historic, even in modern times, but this route should be built in a state as before 2005. This is given by the fact, that the mechanical signals were replaced in 2017 and that freight services were canceled on this line in 2005. I could not decide on a decade for this route, I would be pleased with steam trains in the 1920s as well as diesel trains in the 1950s or quite modern services in the early 2000s.

    San Fransico Cable Car:
    Country: USA
    Length: 17km
    Rolling Stock: Cable Car
    Safety system: none
    Possible addon: none
    Pro: Totally new experience; Sightseeing; 3 different lines
    Contra: Simugraph needs mayor upgrades; Enhancements to NPC and Road Vehicle AI; Game Performance

    Drammenbanen (with Askerbanen):
    Country: Norway
    Length: 42km
    Rolling Stock: Type 71 / Type 78 & Type 72 / Type 75
    Safety system: ATP
    Possible addon: Freight Addon with El 14 / El 16 & CE 119 (Bombardier Traxx Reskin)
    Pro: Freight, Local and Intercity services; non-complex signaling system; same safety system as Sweden
    Contra: might lack interest in community; reduced count of other routes in Norway (implementation of new signalling systems for just one route)

    Mexico City Metro Line 12:
    Country: Mexico
    Length: 24km
    Rolling Stock: FE-10
    Safety system: none
    Possible addon: none
    Pro: steel-wheeled trains (except line A and 12 all lines use rubber-wheeled trains), most modern line, good variety of stations
    Contra: Game will not handle massive overcrowding (which occurs in RL); other subway/metro systems are more popular

    Country: Czechia
    Length: 43km
    Rolling Stock: řady 151 / řady 372 & řady 440/640 / řady 471
    Safety system: LS
    Possible addon: řady 380 // řady 680
    Pro: Freight, Local and Intercity services; extensive but quickly to learn signaling system
    Contra: Lack of international interest

    Country: Germany
    Length: 19km
    Rolling Stock: BR 99.590 & BR 99.23
    Safety system: none
    Possible Addon: BR 99.22
    Pro: Mountain railway; steam locomotives; beautiful landscape; active railway (not historical)
    Contra: Steam support necessary; only 5 stations

    Metrorail Gauteng Johannesburg-Pretoria:
    Country: South Africa
    Length: 70km
    Rolling Stock: Class 5M2 & Class 10M4
    Safety system: none
    Possible Addon: none
    Pro: Commuter rail with long route (similar to Peninsula Corridor); length of real services (not cut off due to route length); many stations
    Contra: Old rolling stock; mainly urban area

    Country: Sweden & Denmark
    Length: 45km
    Rolling Stock: X2K & X31K/ET
    Safety system: ATP & ZUB 123
    Possible addon: DSB EG
    Pro: Very diverse route; two countries in one route; heavy traffic corridor (many services available)
    Contra: Two safety systems and signaling systems needed; very complex signaling system (Denmark); multiple long tunnels

    Mumbai Suburban Railway Harbour Line:
    Country: India
    Length: 66km
    Rolling Stock: ICF & Siemens EMU
    Safety system: none
    Possible addon: none
    Pro: very busy railway; very tight schedule
    Contra: Game will not handle massive overcrowding; RL trains do not operate the doors which the game might not be able to adapt to

    Country: Netherlands
    Length: 60km
    Rolling Stock: ICM / VIRM & SLT
    Safety system: ATB-EG
    Possible addon: 1700
    Pro: many InterCity trains; quickly to learn safety system; Urban and rural landscape
    Contra: none (really I can't think of any major points against it)

    Biebermühlbahn (historic 2005 or earlier):
    Country: Germany
    Length: 36km
    Rolling Stock: BR 648 / BR 643 // VT 98 / V100 (DB) // pfäl. T5 / preuß. P8
    Safety system: PZB / Indusi
    Possible addon: BR 218
    Pro: branch line; mechanical signals; beautiful stations; diesel route; great landscape
    Contra: minor interest in community; more or less historical
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  2. Renfe cercanias

    Renfe cercanias Active Member

    Sep 16, 2020
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    Why not appear spain ???
  3. tallboy7648

    tallboy7648 Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2020
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    I don't like any of these options
  4. stujoy

    stujoy Well-Known Member

    Aug 29, 2019
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    Ah, you big spoilsport ;) You could have just kept that to yourself. I’m going to look them all up and vote on the poll. It might take me a while but some look interesting just from their descriptions.
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  5. tallboy7648

    tallboy7648 Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2020
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    My bad lol :). I just search up these routes and the trains and they didn't peek my intrest. Maybe these routes will be popular to others though
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  6. Agent Qracle RUS

    Agent Qracle RUS Well-Known Member

    Jun 17, 2019
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    Utrecht-Rotterdam is mostly interesting route for me, heh
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  7. JGRudnick

    JGRudnick Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2019
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    The San Fran cable car is certainly an interesting idea.

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