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Swml Extension - South West Wales

Discussion in 'Route Suggestions & Proposals' started by ARuscoe, Sep 17, 2019.

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    Apr 9, 2018
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    We've got Bristol to Cardiff, We've got Bristol to Swansea, so why not an extension to the furthest reaches of South West Wales?

    The mainline may end (officially) in Swansea but there's another 80 miles or so along the coast out to the ports at Pembroke (including a large oil receiving port), and connections to the ferries at Fishguard


    With 116 miles total track this could include:
    • Intercity services to Swansea, Camarthen, Tenby and Pembroke Dock
    • Swansea to Pembroke including reversals at Camarthen and heavy freight from Robeston oil sidings to Margam or on through Cardiff.
    • Swansea to Milford Haven or Fishguard Harbour including local and regional services operated by 150s, 175s, 158s and occasional specials
    • 24 passenger stations, Maliphant Depot (or Landore, or both), Robeston Oil Sidings
    The terminus of the South Wales mainline, and serviced by local, regional and intercity services this is an "end of the line" station with no through services, so everything has to reverse back out.
    Just North of the station are the depots, be it Landore (for the HSTs) or Maliphant (for the IETs)

    31½ miles west from Swansea is the last of the main Intercity stations for South Wales, and another "everything must turn back" station. As seen above, a full range of local, regional and intercity services turn around here

    The line then branches south at Whitland to:
    In service since 1864 this station used to serve the local naval port, but now acts as the end of the line for local services. Located 27¼ miles from the main through line at Whitland this is a two hour trip to Swansea, including a reversal at Camarthen

    Or continues on to:
    This station has had a patchy past with services operating from here all over the country, including to London (Paddington and Waterloo), Penzance, Portsmouth, Glasgow and Manchester. Nowadays 11 trains a day call at Milford, going to or from Cardiff, Manchester, Crewe or Camarthen.

    Local to Milford is the Valero Oil Refinery (classed as Robeston Sidings on RTT) which sees several freight runs per day to Margam or beyond

    The end of the line for Wales, this station is literally one wall away from the boats
    Originally intended as a route between London and New York by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, this station was built adjacent to the ferry port to allow fast boarding from express services onto the ferries and then across Ireland to the Atlantic.
    Never realised this station still serves the port, and is another terminus station so everything turns back.
    14 services a day start or end here, the furthest being to Manchester Piccadilly, a four and a half hour trip
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