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The End Of Tsw?

Discussion in 'PC Discussion' started by Digital Draftsman, Aug 28, 2018.

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  1. Puffing Nora

    Puffing Nora Guest

    Thanks all. Ive picked up many useful insights about the differences between trainz and tsw/ts2018. My thanks to those who took the time to contribute in a reasoned, polite and fact based manner.
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  2. LT586

    LT586 Well-Known Member

    Aug 20, 2018
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    I like the feedback I am reading and after surveying the countless videos the immersion factor is top, compared to TS20xx (there is no comparisson), but when Rail Simulator launched it was ages until people made scenarios etc.

    With UE4, the editor part of it isnt like older game engines (Im no expert on this) but an editor was always part of any simulation, and one good thing with DTG, they still make content for their own games, unlike TML who have abandoned Fernbus and released the same bus with Tourist Bus Simulator. I like that we finally have an immersive simulator; while waiting for departure you can wander about, check the passenger coaches, the headlights that dip with the correct movement, motion at highspeed which when testing on and off, does look great on.

    The detailing of each train; I havent stopped going "my goodness look at this"

    I love everyones insight and I hope too for longer routes especially with freight missions in the UK. The PZB works fairly okay but still not totally accurate. A change of speedlimit for driving EU routes would be nice as I often misjudge and get hit with an emergency brake.

    A points system which rewards you, not put you down for speeding, you feel good after finishing a scenario rather than quit halfway because of misaligned speed limits that cause you to loose 50+ points quicker than it is to gain any. Its nice to feel part of the simulation rather than the game knows best feel.

    Sorry for the long post! But I cant wait to see where else TSW goes
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