Toshiba Hdb 800 Db Br280.5 For Hamburg Lubeck Dlc

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    Locomotive picture
    This is the latest switcher in the Deutsche Bahn Fleet the Toshiba HDB 800 Hybrid locomotive DB BR 280 which is due to enter service in 2021 and will be assigned to DB Cargo and Assembled at Rostock.
    Technical Details
    MAN Diesel Engine 471 KW and a Toshiba Hybrid system the SCib.
    The Picture Below shows how the SCib system works straight from the Toshiba Rail Website
    Power Mode
    Braking Mode

    If Dovetail Games decided to have this for the Hamburg-Lubeck railway if there are sections that require the use of Shunters. DB BR 280.5 will come equipped with the DB BR 363 Yellow couplers from RSN instead of having the player couple the goods wagons manually as seen on the DB BR204 for Main Spessart Bahn. In addition DB BR 280.5 Toshiba HDB800 will first Train Sim World 2 locomotive to have a remote control for a shunter and is currently inactive for DB BR363 despite having the shunter remote control equipment. The Tutorial level for DB BR 280.5 will need to cover how the shunter remote control and Hybrid drive System works. The Train safety system is the ETCS SIFA, PZB/LZB standard on German Trains. Additionally DB BR280.5 in addition to Hamburg Lubeck by having its own timetable services and scenarios. Can layer onto RRO Main Spessart Bahn & RSN by either having its own timetable or substitute the assigned shunters. They're DB BR204 MSB, RRO Vossloh G6 & RSN DB BR363. For HMA a new timetable that involves shunting duties at Rangierbahnhof Munchen Laim where HMA freight services end & start. To add on another timetable for the shunting duties at both Augsburg & Munchen Hbf for passenger trains. Further layers should include shunting at Aachen Rothe Erde SKA and the yards at Duisberg & Bochum HRR.
    Possible achievements are
    DB BR280.5 Eco Power Complete DB BR 280.5 training level
    DB BR280.5 Hybrid Power Operate DB BR280.5 for 2805 kms
    DB BR280.5 Novice Shunter Complete the Hanseatic Switcher Scenario
    Those are modeled RSN DB BR155 achievements
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