Train Sim Freezes All The Time In Consist Builder

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by 45596 Bahamas, Mar 4, 2020.

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    So yesterday, I was in the consist builder but when the percentage got to 77% it hung there for a bit, then it crashed? Does anyone know a fix for this? This will also happen sometimes when I quit out of a scenario, Quick drive ETC. I was wondering if I have got some corrupted files? If so, please let me know how I can identify them. The message when it freezes is the “OUT OF MEMORY” error. But I have sometimes had my graphics on high and it used to load fine? I also don’t see how I would need lots of graphics to load a consist builder. Please help? Thanks 8D6B1200-AF11-4925-9542-90A3B6A911A1.jpeg
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    Sometimes the Consist Builder comes across a loco, coach or wagon it does not have a picture for it.
    I believe this can cause a problem for it with nothing to display

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    Try this before opening the QD editor, open the profiles tab and wait for everything to populate then go to the QD editor if it doesn't crash. If it does crash, start logmate.exe in your RailWorks folder then open QD editor and when it crashes look at the last entry this will show the problem file. Usually a corrupted file will cause this. Usually 3rd party.
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