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Train Sim World 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DTG Protagonist, Aug 17, 2020.

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  1. DTG Protagonist

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    Jun 2, 2020
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    In this thread we'll cover every question we've answered in a Q&A stream and anything we were asked but didn't cover live.

    1. Pre-order and launch
    2. Requested game features
    3. Preserved Collection
    4. Scenario Planner
    5. Livery Designer
    6. Control Options
    7. Roadmap and ongoing support

    Pre-order and launch
    - What pre-order and launch discounts are there?
    Pre-order is on Steam only, there is no pre-order for console. The Steam pre-order includes a 10% discount which is increased to 15% if the player owns Train Sim World 2020. The discount ends at game launch.

    At launch PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have a 10% discount, again increasing to 15% if they own the previous game.

    There will be a sale on the initial set of Preserved Collection add-ons on Steam both for Train Sim World 2 and Train Sim World 2020.

    - What is in the deluxe edition?
    This version of the game also includes the Preserved Collection route East Coastway. If you already own East Coastway in Train Sim World 2020 you do not need to buy the deluxe edition.

    2. Requested game features and improvements
    - Does Train Sim World 2 include multiplayer?

    - Does Train Sim World 2 include a full editor on PC?

    - Is there any support for modding?

    - Are there any changes to the map system?

    - Are animated railway crossings included in the game?

    - Does the game include dynamic weather - are there any changes to the weather system?

    - Are the any changes to derailment physics?

    - Does the game include timetable service mode?

    - Does the game include platform announcements?

    - Are there passenger information screens?
    Yes. The Bakerloo line includes passenger information screens and there are animated displays on the ICE 3M and Talent 2.

    - Do platforms now reflect weather correctly?
    They perform as they did previously. The game currently does not correctly distinguish between in and out of cover so when weather effects were applied they affected covered areas in the same way as open platform areas. We took the decision to not display weather effects on platforms rather than have covered areas display incorrectly.

    3. Preserved Collection
    - What is this?
    Preserved Collection means that your add-ons from Train Sim World 2020 will work with Train Sim World 2. You do not need to re-buy them. Not every add-on will be available at launch. To see which add-ons have not yet been brought forward please check the Roadmap.

    - Is every Train Sim World 2020 add-on being preserved?
    No. The North East Corridor route, Amtrak SW1000R and CSX GP40-2 are not being preserved.

    - Why isn't North East Corridor being preserved?
    The North East Corridor route was built very early in the life of Train Sim World and included several experimental ideas that proved to either not work or not be effective. To that end, converting it for use in Train Sim World 2 would take as much time as rebuilding it from scratch. As the associated locos only have scenarios and services built into NEC we've taken the decision not to bring them forward.

    - Can I use TSW2 features with my preserved add-ons?
    The Scenario Planner will allow you to use your preserved add-ons. The Livery Designer will not. Adhesion will work for your preserved collection but will not be as fully simulated as it is for new TSW2 routes and locos.

    - Will preserved add-ons use the new HUD?

    - Will preserved routes get the new sky system?

    - Will I be able to use my routes I bought for TSW2020 in TSW2020 after I buy TSW2?
    Yes. NEC, for example, can continue to be used in Train Sim World 2020. Preserved Collection takes nothing away from you that you already own.

    - If I buy a preserved route for TSW2 will it work in TSW2020 as well?

    - Will outstanding issues with add-ons from TSW2020 be fixed before they are preserved?

    - If I played TSW2020 on PC and want to use my preserved collection on PlayStation...?
    Your collection stays on the platform you originally bought it. You cannot move it to another platform. If you played Train Sim World 2020 on Xbox One your preserved collection will be only Xbox One only.

    - Will my progress or save game from TSW2020 also be preserved?

    - Will there be any more updates to TSW2020 or its add-ons after TSW2 is released?

    - Will I need to reinstall my preserved add-ons in TSW2?
    Yes. They are treated as though they are brand new. If you want to keep TSW2020 installed, and install TSW2 you will have the same add-ons installed twice.

    - Is East Coastway treated any differently as it's part of the deluxe edition?
    No. It has been preserved in the normal fashion. If you already own East Coastway you gain nothing by buying the deluxe edition.

    - If I own a disk-based version of a preserved add-on will it work right away?
    No. If you have preserved add-ons on disk you will need to get in touch with technical support. When visiting that page your should select "TSW Collectors Edition Claims" and complete the form stating which platform (PlayStation or Xbox) and which region your game is from. You can complete the process faster by attaching a photo of your game disk. The support team will then send you a digital code for your add-on.

    Please note, when add-ons first enter the Preserved Collection there may be a short delay in replies from the support team due to high demand. We will try to give you an accurate picture of the length of wait you should expect with the automatic response your ticket will receive.

    - Will I be able to buy preserved add-ons without owning TSW2020?
    Yes. Once an add-on has been preserved it will be available to buy as TSW2 DLC.

    - Which features will not work on Preserved Collection?
    The Livery Designer, immersion control option (if you use a controller), upgraded sky and full variable adhesion.

    3. Scenario Planner
    - What is it?
    Scenario Planner allows you to create your own scenarios including what you will be driving and AI trains.

    - Can I run anything I like on any route?
    Only if you enable "Off The Rails" mode. The only limitation here is that you cannot run a train that is longer than a stop it has to make. You can run electric trains on unelectrified lines, trains too large for bridges and tunnels - some weird combinations are possible. Off the Rails is entirely optional, so if you'd rather stick to realistic combinations that is the default option.

    - Will Preserved Collection work with the Scenario Planner?

    - How does it work?
    A new scenario is created by adding trains to paths. Paths represent predesigned services that suit individual consists. You can add as many services as the route allows. This limit is imposed by the physical amount of space on the route. One of these services can be set as the player service, that's the one you will control. Other services will be controlled by the AI.

    - Can I design my own service paths?
    No. Paths are pre-designed only.

    - Can I create my own consists?

    - Can custom scenarios be shared?
    There is no sharing system built into the game. PC players may be able to share individual scenarios by finding them within the game file structure.

    4. Tech and graphics
    - Which version of Unreal Engine does Train Sim World 2 use?
    UE 4.23.1

    - Are the tech requirements for the game greater than for Train Sim World 2020?
    They are the same.

    - Are there any changes to game audio?

    - Are there any major improvements to game graphics?
    There are minor improvements to environment lighting, better handling of some scenery (particularly trees) and the sky has been improved.

    - Has sunlight filtering been improved?
    No change has been made.

    - Is is possible to play at 4K on console?
    The Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox one X now both support 4K.

    - Is there support for GeForce Experience on PC?

    - Is any change to frame rate expected?
    On all platforms the game should perform the same or slightly better in terms of frame rate. 25-30 frames per second is the expected "normal" performance.
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  2. DTG Protagonist

    DTG Protagonist Dovetail Special Projects Staff Member

    Jun 2, 2020
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    5. Livery Designer
    - Will livery designer work on all vehicles? (Rolling stock, locos, carriages, wagons etc)
    All Train Sim World 2 vehicles can have their livery redesigned. The Livery Designer will not work with Preserved Collection vehicles.

    - What can you do with the designer?
    Each design can include upto 300 layers to create a design. These new liveries will then be selectable any time you use that vehicle.

    - What sort of designs can be created?
    Anything you like. The designer includes 70 different shapes and patterns to build into your design, a san serif font for letters and numbers, and a collection of standard symbols (hazard signs, passenger icons etc) to help you.

    - Will the designer include logos from rail companies?

    - Can I upload my own images into the designer?

    - Will AI trains use custom liveries?
    After you create a livery design it will be randomly selected any time you play a route. AI services either use one of your designs (the one you're using, if you're using one) with the default livery.

    - Will we be able to share the liveries we've created?
    No. There is no sharing system built into the game. Unlike the Scenario Planner all liveries are stored in a single file. If (on PC) you were to use someone else's liveries file it would overwrite your own in the process.

    6. Control options
    - [Console] Is it possible to change the controller layout?
    There are two different controller layouts in Train Sim World 2. The original you are already familiar with, the new version "Immersion control" is designed to remove as many pop-up menus and selectors as possible. It also allows the player to zoom in while in the cab. Remapping controls is not available on console.

    - Is keyboard and mouse control available on console?
    Keyboard is still supported, mouse is not.

    - Is Raildriver support coming?
    Yes. We expect it to appear on the Roadmap early on after the game is released.

    - Does work on Raildriver come with any other controller options?
    Raildriver is just one option. We will work to implement all forms of DirectInput devices. It is likely an API will be released for more customized controllers.

    7. The Roadmap and ongoing support
    - What information will be on the Roadmap?
    The roadmap gives you a quick overview of projects that are currently in development. This includes forthcoming routes and locos, upgrades and new features, as well as fixes and improvements.

    - Where can I find the Roadmap?
    You can find the latest release on the Train Sim World 2 news page. A fresh update will be provided every two weeks.

    - If something is not on the Roadmap does that mean it will never be done?
    No. The Roadmap only details what is currently being worked on. New items will be added regularly.

    - Will there be improved support for add-ons after they are released?
    Yes. We have a dedicated team whose role is focused on improving what is already out rather than what is coming soon. You'll see the projects they're working on listed on the roadmap.
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