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    Hi everyone.

    Ok, this is only quick, initial, feedback on the PS4 Pro version of TSW2.
    I also have the PC version pre-ordered via Steam, but that doesn't go live until 6pm UK time.

    The 4K graphics mode on the Pro is fantastic! Most things are sooooooooo much sharper and clearer than TSW1 - seriously, thank you DTG!

    The fps feels a little more consistent than the original as well, which again is good stuff (obviously I would love to see it move to 60 fps when the PS5 lands later this year).

    You can't seem to exit out of the intro video when the game launches - you have to sit through it each & every time.

    This may very well lead into the next 'bug' (?) - on the title screen it says 'press any key to continue' (or something similar), but pressing a whole bunch of buttons seems to do squat!?

    When I launch into a game and decide that I want to become a 'passenger' and let the A.I. take over - the red (danger) circle reticle does not disappear when I sit down - or move the camera to an external view. Basically I have this big red doodah (technical term) in the middle of the screen.

    The main sounds of the trains etc are excellent, but as per original game, some seem too quiet or too loud (mixing seems off in some scenarios). There are times in the London Underground that I can almost hear a pin drop - surely that's not right? And as far as sounds at the Bakerloo Line stations are concerned, some (most?) are almost silent (the lack of passenger numbers here doesn't help).

    As I've mentioned in another thread, I think the new external camera controls are useless via the 'immersion' controls. I can understand they are maybe like that in order to try and squeeze most major control options onto the controller as a single press - but it's a massive step back as far as being able to view your train externally is concerned.

    Anyway, hope you don't mind the feedback - I just want the game to be the best it can :)

    Cheers guys / gals.
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