Train Sim World 2 - London Commuter South Downs Spectacle

Discussion in 'Dovetail Live Article Discussion' started by DTG Natster, Oct 1, 2021.

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    Nov 24, 2020
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    I couldn't give a rats about the delays but what I found disappointing was DTG confirmed these dates on more than one occasion and after all it was DTG themselves that came up with these dates. Some of us were in the forums telling DTG to leave more gap between the engine update and the three routes but obviously we weren't listened too.

    And even then DTG confirmed the dates yet again so people started to believe them which isn't unreasonable. I bet if most players were given the choice would they have the Rush Hour update or have the existing routes fixed and updated I know what I would have picked.
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    Feb 13, 2020
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    BML = LBN ;)

    or at least that's what my Steam account shows.
    Thx to a user for pointing that out - you know who you are.
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    Nov 10, 2020
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    I wonder if Sony doesn't play ball with the DLC cap and the Trophys cap would they consider severing ties with Sony and pull support for PS?

    Just the whole concept of the game is based on your DLC or "Collection" and if Sony doesn't play ball are we just going to be stuck with having to un install and reinstall depending on what routes we want to play.

    I guess the may be able to go in and recode everything so that it doesn't show up as DLC in the eyes of the machine but that sounds like a long fix of redoing the whole game from scratch, similar to the Xbox audio fix.

    Boy the consoles sure seem to be making it hard for DTG lately.
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  4. ARuscoe

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    Apr 9, 2018
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    You've been here long enough to see the pattern... More than a few weeks would do it

    It's the usual DTG flywheel. Develop something up to the last day before its being pushed out, push it out, find out there's a load of bugs, run around saying you didn't know there were bugs even though you tested it (three months ago when development was still going on), have loads of obvious things missed pointed out, fix the ones which break the game completely, move on
    This leaves a load of things missing or just never fixed, but by now the next thing in development is reaching the arbitrary date so they're back to pushing that new thing
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    Jun 20, 2020
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    I very strongly suspect that the venture capitalists who supply the money (there are no "shareholders") demand a predictable revenue stream; X number DLC at Y pounds each will be released per financial quarter. Remember, Paul comes from EA, with its revenue-driven "release dates are carved on stone tablets" mantra. Very much the opposite of Rockstar's "you'll get it when it's ready" philosophy. And although at a DTG-internal level I think they very much want to do the right thing, Adam's team and other bug-fixers do not directly contribute one penny of revenue; they all represent overhead, and so prying budget for them from the venture cap boys is always a challenge.
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    When do London commuters going to get the rush hour passengers we are still waiting and we are not going to give up give us a answer now just stop annoying us answer to difficult questions because we are not going away

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