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Train Sim World 2 Update - 15th December 2020

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DTG Natster, Dec 15, 2020.

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  1. DTG Natster

    DTG Natster Community Manager Staff Member

    Sep 2, 2020
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    Today we are bringing an update for Train Sim World 2 including Preserved Collection. Please find the full update log below:

    • Added a "Toggle Motion Blur" Option to the settings menu for PlayStation and Xbox Consoles
    • Resolved an issue where the player’s motion blur choice was not retained across play sessions

    Livery Designer
    • Added support for Mastery reward decals

    Isle of Wight
    • Fixed instances of loco coupling collisions
    • Fixed an issue that would result in the player being pushed up when walking between vehicles when in motion
    • Fixed an issue with the inverted guard and head-out cameras
    • Improved frame rate performance when passenger saloon lights are enabled
    • Made the HUD consistent with DTG add-ons
    • Improved driver's window audio volume
    • Added seaside environmental audio in appropriate locations
    • Added platform stopping markers
    • Added door control explanation to introduction tutorial
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the horn button from animating
    • Fixed instances of incorrect train formations at Ryde Pier Head in Timetable Mode
    • Added platform climb up along entire length of platforms

    Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen
    • Added support for market scenery tile Mastery reward
    • Resolved an issue where tasks could fail on "ICE to Meet You" scenario if players did not meet arrival times on Go Via objectives
    • Fixed collision issue with terrain at one end of the Köln Hbf pedestrian underpass which was blocking access to platforms 10 and 11
    • Added additional scenario planner paths for ICE trains between Köln and Aachen
    • Removed the non player-drivable service "S19 Düren 06:35" from selection
    • Resolved instances of missing medal objectives and drivers on services
    • Resolved instances of missing EOTDs on freight service locos
    • Fixed ICE 3 horn not sounding when activated repeatedly in quick succession

    Sand Patch Grade
    • Added support for market scenery tile Mastery reward
    • Fixed an instance of a "Hard Hat" task being unreachable

    London Underground Bakerloo Line
    • Added support for market scenery tile Mastery reward

    The update will download automatically for owners when they become available. Steam users should expect the update later in the day compared to console. Players should allow at least 24 hours after restarting Steam or their console for the update to appear and before contacting Customer Support.
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