Train Sim World 2 - Update Notes - 27th June 2022

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    Today we’re sharing a long-awaited fix for the Xbox “Jackhammer” audio issue and some additional fixes. For users on Xbox who have been affected we thank you for being extremely patient while we worked to a solution, and we are happy to announce it now functions as originally intended!

    In addition to this, we’ve fixed an issue for Railfan shots uploading on Xbox, stutter when using controllers, as well as refuelling on multiple routes and scenarios. We also have further improvements from previous preservation crew updates on West Somerset Railway and Ruhr-Sieg Nord. 

    Core Improvements 
    • [Xbox] Fixed Xbox ‘Jackhammer’ issue, so audio across all routes should function as originally intended. 
      Note: Xbox players will not need to redownload their Add-ons for this to take effect. 
    • Fixed an issue meaning players couldn't refuel across multiple routes and scenarios. 
    • Fixed an issue preventing upload of Creators Club screenshots for Xbox Series X/S players
    • Reduced instances of stutter and reduced controller response reported across the Steam build since Spirit of Steam Core update

    Ruhr-Sieg Nord 
    • NPCs should now correctly disembark from the train at Letmathe. 
    • Adjusted position of collectible at Finnentrop Station so it can now by collected by player. 

    West Somerset Railway 
    • [BR Class 52] [Xbox Series X] During Gala Gathering scenario should now be completable after a change to the turntable functionality. 

    Great Western Express
    • We’ve sprayed on an extra layer of adhesive to the driver's seat, so the player should no longer be able to stand up once they have sat down during the tutorial.  

    DB BR 143 
    • Fixed an issue causing the decals to light up incorrectly. 

    The update will download automatically for owners when it becomes available. Players should allow at least 24 hours after restarting Steam, EPIC Game Store, or their console for the update to appear and before contacting Customer Support. 
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