Train Sim World 2 Update Notes - 3rd November 2021

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    Hello folks,

    Please find below the details of this week's update. As well as enabling and updating the West Cornwall Local route (details here - please read if you haven't already, as there are significant improvements), we have some optimisation improvements to London Commuter, and smaller DB BR 187 improvements (we are working with Skyhook Games to address the more significant pieces of feedback).

    It should be noted that these changes on London Commuter in particular are incremental, and we will continue to optimise them as the weeks progress.

    London Commuter
    • Various small optimisation improvements throughout route, especially outside of Victoria Station and Clapham Junction, for 'Quarry Line Quandrary' on PS4, and for players with many add-ons installed
    • Fixed an issue whereby passengers were getting stuck at Reigate and Norbury stations
    • Various small Art improvements on the route
    • Improved the texture resolution of elevator doors at Haywards Heath
    • Improved the texture resolution of a blurry wall at Brighton station
    • Fixed an issue whereby Long Haul scenario was, in some circumstances, unable to be completed
    • Changed signal T74 at Selhurt Depot and added extra clutter, following beta community feedback

    DB BR 187
    • Updated pantograph to limit interaction for a minimum of 10-seconds after it has been raised or lowered
    • Updated preset menu functionality
    • Fixed an issue whereby the D-pad could not correctly update the Reverser state when using Immersion controls
    • Updated the player's driving position when seated in the driver's seat
    • Updated various exterior details including decals, numbering, and the brightness of the forward headlights
    • Further improvements to low-resolution train textures when moving at speed

    Please note that parts of this update may arrive slightly later for different platforms, but everything should arrive before the West Cornwall Local release.

    The update will download automatically for owners when it becomes available. Players should allow at least 24 hours after restarting Steam, EPIC Game Store or their console for the update to appear and before contacting Customer Support.
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