Train Sim World 2 Vs Bus Simulator Scenario

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    First of all, yes they are 2 different games, both on Xbox one but the basis is the same although TSW 2 is more advanced I think so I expected more.
    This is not criticism of TSW2 but feedback about a game which gets it right that TSW people could benefit and are my opinions so cool off hot heads who are negative and here to start confrontation about feedback on forums.

    Things found in Senario planner.

    Passengers : passengers when making your route get on the bus and interact, get on bus. Take a seat, buy tickets etc etc like it would in the main game.

    Passengers : Example from East coastway and bakerloo, hardly any passengers and those on the station do not even get on the train. I ran a full route with an empty train as passengers didn’t get on, pointless running the route.

    Creating route and driving route
    Allows you to create where you want the route to go and all the stops inbetween. When you choosing a bus it has a picture of the bus so you know which you are selecting. When you play game all traffic lights and traffic operating as normal allowing for an easy drive.

    You can only choose certain paths to follow, red lights at first stop stay red not allowing you even start your trip even with 1 train on the line which is you. When you selecting a train unless you are train buff who knows every number and letter which I don’t I have hardly any idea which train I am picking. A picture should show up on what I’m picking, a small picture would do.

    Timing points for next stops
    When you leave a stop it automatically gives you a time you are due at the next stops during the route. Perfect for trying to keep to a timetable and adds to the realism.

    No next stop time. You can be as late or early as you like with no penalties. You can even sit at a station for hours if you wanted with no penalty and to be honest, with no passengers getting on your train why would you want to move. For the few passengers who stand at a station, they just look at the train admiring the sight.

    Final note :
    These are just a few points of feedback which would help this scenario planner for me and maybe others. Not everyone is a full on train buff, I play cause I enjoy the game and not here to pick things out on others like in these forums. It’s toxic at best sometimes. We use these forums to share ideas and suggestions with each other. Stop being nasty to each other and welcome people who don’t have the full knowledge of everyone else. We are lucky to have a decent train sim. Let’s make it better.

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