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Train Simulator 2021 Add-on Update - 2nd June 2021

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DTG Jamie, Jun 2, 2021.

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  1. DTG Jamie

    DTG Jamie Staff Member

    Aug 24, 2020
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    Today we are bringing an update for the Midland Line: Aickens - Springfield Route Add-On for Train Simulator 2021. This update brings improvements to textures and models for included rolling stock and fixes for the diesel loco. Please see the complete changelog below:

    • Improved a variety of minor LOD'ing issues throughout the route.
    • All rolling stock has been completely re-textured to improve visual quality.
    • Updated mesh models for:
      • 30 ft Vans.
      • M-5 Class Wagons.
      • K-5 Class Wagons.
      • V-3 Class Wagons.
      • La-4a Class Wagons.
    • Added additional wagon variants:
      • Weathered V-3 Class.
      • Weathered Vb-1 Class.
    • Fixed a texturing error on the Lc-3 Class wagons.
    • Resolved a script error for the Af Class Passenger Coaches.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the Dj Class Diesel Loco from functioning correctly when in a lash-up of four or more vehicles.
    • Additional fixes for the Dj Class Diesel Loco include:
      • Cab interior now uses the correct interior when using the weathered versions of the loco.
      • Brass labels now render correctly.
      • Brake Isolation Switch now renders correctly.
      • Fixed instances of flickering along the top of the cab window.
      • Fixes issues with the vents in the cab roof.

    The update will download automatically for owners of the add-on when it becomes available. Players should allow at least 24 hours after restarting Steam for the update to appear and before contacting Customer Support. The approximate download size for this update is 981.6 MB.
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