Traingeek08's Creator's Club Roadmap 1st May-1st Jun 2024

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    Welcome all to my June Creator's Club Roadmap, I'm TrainGeek08 as always, and today I'm announcing what mods I'm releasing over the next month from a variety of different routes around the world :)

    Let's get onto it, shall we?

    *NOTE: I will be going on holiday for a week or so in June, as a result of this, there will be less releases in that month I'm afraid :(*

    Next Arrival: (to be released this month)

    Southeastern High Speed: GBRf '66708' (66) - Thursday 18th April 2024
    Hauptstrecke Hamburg-Lubeck: Hamburg Return (BR 112/BR 766.2) - Wednesday 24th April 2024

    In Development: (ready for release next month)
    Tees Valley Line: Old DRS (20) - Wednesday 1st May 2024
    Bahnstrecke Bremen-Oldenburg: Top 'n' Tail to Hude (BR 110) - Monday 6th May 2024
    Tharandter Rampe: HectorRail (BR 185) - Sunday 12th May 2024
    Spirit of Steam: Steisel Doubler (LMS 8F/Class 47) - Friday 17th May 2024
    Fife Circle Line: The Forth Lunch Tour (40/47 TnT) - Wednesday 22nd May 2024
    Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel-Wurzburg: Light Freighter (BR 187) - Monday 27th May 2024

    *In Planning: (releasing in 2 months time)*
    West Cornwall Local: Avro Vulcan XH558 (37) - Monday 3rd June 2024
    Antelope Valley Line: Metrolink Rescue (ES44C4) - Friday 21st June 2024
    Glossop Line: Scenario Pack: 2000s (323/142) - Wednesday 26th June 2024

    At A Red Light: (Isn't planned to release for a while or when a mod is delayed/cancelled)


    Side Project(s):
    Northern Trans-Pennine: Double Peak (45) - Release date TBC

    Awaiting Phase 3 of Formation Designer:
    Nahverkehr Dresden: TRAXX TnT (DB BR 146.2)
    Antelope Valley Line: Engineering Possession (ES44C4)
    East Coast Main Line: Edinburgh Christmas Special (TnT (Top and Tailed) 47s)
    Kassel-Wurzburg: Double Jet (RP BR 193/DB BR 182)
    Midland Main Line: Immingham Revisited (66)
    Rapid Transit: IC Stopper (BR 101)
    Peninsula Corridor: Two in One (GP38-2/SD40-2)
    Blackpool Branches: Scenario Pack 1: 2004
    Bahnstrecke Bremen-Oldenburg - Top 'n' Tail to Hude (BR 110)
    Spirit of Steam: Steisel Doubler (LMS 8F/Class 47)
    Antelope Valley Line: Metrolink Rescue (ES44C4)
    Glossop Line: Scenario Pack: 2000s

    Further information on Formation Designer is and will be put in the linked thread once Phase 3 releases:
    TrainGeek08's Creator's Club Releases Thread | Dovetail Games Forums

    These release dates can change and I'll make you aware of the new release date and why it was delayed and it will go into the 'At A Red Light' or 'Release Date Changes' section until I can attend to it :)

    That's the Roadmap done, but the thread isn't... I'm going to do a monthly development insight into one mod I release within the current month (e.g April for this one) whether it has released or not to explain what goes on behind-the-scenes ;)

    April's 'Development Insight':

    Case Study:
    (TG08) GBRf '66708' (66)

    We chat to the OP of this thread, TrainGeek08 to talk about the livery (below) '(TG08) GBRf '66708' (66)' that will release next week :)

    Are you looking forward to releasing this livery next week?

    TrainGeek08: "Yes, it is my second Class 66 livery of the year, I do have another two coming later in the year so watch for those in future Creator's Club Roadmaps."

    How long did it take you to create this livery?
    TG08: "It took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to create this livery, the longer I take, the better the livery will be, as seen with some of my previous liveries."

    What has been your favourite Class 66 livery to create and why?
    TG08: "Well, I have released four currently, with this being my fifth one. My favourite has to be 66789, because I feel that I got the colour palette just right on it, but it has a lot of catching up to do (subscriber count on Creator's Club) to my three Freightliner liveries."

    Is there any weathering on this livery?
    TG08: "Yes, there is some slight weathering on the underside of the train but no weathering is present on the roof."

    When did you create this livery?

    TG08: "I created this livery last Sunday afternoon, so I could take my time and do it properly without rushing. As I said before, the longer I take, the better the livery is."

    Do you think it will attract people like 66789 did before it?

    TG08: "I think so, even though I think that 66789 is better than 66708, the former (66789) has been out for a couple of months now and look at the subscriber count on it, so hopefully 66708 will be as popular in the coming months."

    Thanks to TrainGeek08 for taking the time to answer those burning questions for us :)

    Anyway, this is it then, hope you enjoyed this one, put your thoughts below, from me, TrainGeek08, I'll see you soon for another CC release announcement or suggestion, enjoy the rest of your day and goodbye ;)

    Release date changes:


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