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Trains Simulator "australian" 2020??

Discussion in 'Content Suggestions & Proposals' started by australianonly, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. australianonly

    australianonly New Member

    Aug 7, 2018
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    So your the company that bought out auran ? Back in early 2000s when the Australian content was in the game, only in small portions then after 2006 it stopped and ever since that release it's only been the stock standard Australian crap, and all the new train sim your company have released has just been boring American Chinese and European content and locomotives no one in Australia likes the same old crap and where tired of it, just here's the heads up if you want to sell your brand and make more money and keep entire continent happy make Australia trains simulator 2020 !!!! You have too!!! how many times do us Aussies need to complain to your company and add Australian content, add Aussie locomotives and so forth Wah Wah Wah !!!! We all want it in down under , make it the same as you have been making trains but this time just sell it for Aussies only and for any internationals that wanna buy it good on ya mates! Australian content is the best and our railways is still new and emerging and just look at how much iron ore and coal and wheat we pump out and our landscape is amazing !!!! We need an Australian simulator for our whole continent , I'll gladly help you dovetail games on how to make it perfect and to the exact needs as a Australian I've been playing simulator since the very first release and watched it get better but seen it fail at the same time we need more Australian content and locos and rolling stock !!!! From Queensland electrics 3551 class to the famous NR class to the Victorian x class and t class to nsw 81 class and 86 class and the current new trains like the 6020 class from aurizon ! We need suburban trains too I'm sick of making the best surveyor maps with no Australian only trains it makes me sad that it still hasn't happened so many people will buy this game ! I'll help you make it perfect your company can make a lot of money and make a lot of people happy !!!! For years to come!!!! we need a Australian only simulator in the next 5 years or you'll loose the Australian market I'm sure of it (cause we will be stuck playing trains 2006 when they brought in the 82 class and 81 class (candy coloured as standard ) I'm stick of trying to find content and download it from auran and pay money (gold pass bullshit) for it and it's not right, u should pay for a game at top dollar and get everything in it and I mean everything !!!!! Just do it you make ur trains simulator game so easily you releas a new one every year! Just make Australian only one as chronic train-aholic it will be biggest selling game in any shop if you make this game ! If you feel your serious and people agree with me ! Email me back (Dove tail ) and I will love to be ideas-man and what trains should be in the new Australian t-sims 2020 please just make the bloody thing a lot of people are waiting and we have been waiting for years !!!!to all my Aussie train sim. Players and lovers hopefully one day we will have our own simulator with no trains or content left out!!! And not relying on people making content that it is semi-valid but we just download it and use it cause of the name and look but it's not perfect, who ever reads this heart felt message and is from Australia will totally understand where im coming from !!!! Get behind it people and get behind it escpically the games creators and game company that trains simulator is currently attached too!!!!! List of super must haves In Australian sim 2020 or beyond ?
    -NR class (national rail and P N livery )
    -92/93 class (P N livery)
    -TT class (p n livery )
    -BL/G class (freight Australia and national rail )
    -X/XR class (freight Australia and p n livery)
    -T/P/H class (freight Australia )
    -B/S class (vline and f a livery)
    -44 class (Tuscan and candy)
    -48 class (candy and freight Corp)
    -80/82/81/90 classes
    -5000 and 5020 classes (aurizon)
    -6000 class (aurizon livery )
    -31/32/33/34/3551 classes all in qr livery or green and whites orange for the 31 & 32 classes
    -4000 classe (q r livery)
    -2100 /2200 class (q r livery and aurizon )
    -Q class
    -L class (3100)
    -CSR class ( s c t livery )
    -86 class (candy and freight Corp )
    -all Sydney suburban
    -all Brisbane suburban
    -all Melb suburban
    -A class
    -N class ( vline livery new and old )
    -DL class (national rail )
    -AN class (national rail and pacific national (p.n)
    -47 class
    -85 class (Tuscan )
    -71 class (p.n) electric train
    -38 and 37 classes (aurizon )
    -C class (vline )
    -P class (western Australian loco)
    -SCT/SSR class
    -CF class
    -EL / RL class (Chicago leasing )
    All current new rolling stock wagons plus all the good old wagons from the 1980s to early 2000s
    This game with my help on the exact wagons and liveries plus more locomotives then that of course , this was a rushed message just to get a point across give the people of Australia what we want we are so sick of buying ur product with out our trains in it, it's nearly been 20 years since the first trains simulator ! We need an Australian only content and locomotives where so sick of boring standard looking European and American trains no character and after trains 2006 everything was the same onwards!!!!! So sick of it ... Listen to the people and you will sell copies of ur game faster then any other time you have released a trains simulator !!!! Trains simulator Australia 2020 why not ??? Seriously think about it your just going to do a new one in a years time ! Will it hurt to make an Australian only t-simulator think about it !?!!? Go tell your boss why would he say no ? Dollar signs isn't that why you make games ??? Or is it for the people and giving them what they want !!!!!!!!! Why not both !!!!!! Email me if your end is seriously might listen to a paying costumer for once and I have plenty more locomotives and train content and ideas to make the absolute perfect Aussie only trains sim !
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  2. Railfan722

    Railfan722 Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2018
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    Wrong company, there. Auran Games was restructured as N3V Publishing, who now own the "Trainz" series, not "Train Simulator". Direct your complaints here: http://forums.auran.com/trainz/index.php
  3. ChooChooKeith

    ChooChooKeith Member

    Nov 4, 2018
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    They have plenty of Australian Trains and stock. but yes thats N3V or Trainz Simulator. I would love to see TS with Australian trains as wel. Maybe Cityrail.
  4. wolvestrains

    wolvestrains Member

    Dec 4, 2018
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    would love some aussie content also
  5. Railfan722

    Railfan722 Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2018
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