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Trans-pennine: Engine Set-up And Driving Instructions In Tutorials And Manual Do Not Match

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LastTrainToClarksville, Dec 14, 2018.

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    Oct 12, 2017
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    I've run the tutorials several times each and have also read the set-up and driving guides in the route's manual. Unfortunately, they do not match. Here are some examples regarding the BR Class 101:

    1. The tutorial begins by partially setting up the forward driving cab, proceeds to setting up the rear driving cab, and then returns to complete the front driving cab's setup, but the manual begins with this instruction: "Before you enter the forward driving cab, go to the driving cab of the rear-most trailing unit and set the following ..." and proceeds to setting up the front cab.

    2. The manual provides, in general, far more thorough instructions than the tutorial. For example, the manual instructs the driver, as already mentioned, to begin in the rear-most cab, move to the front-most cab, change to the front cab, move back to the rear cab, etc., all the while checking and setting various controls and, of course, opening and closing doors.

    As far as I'm concerned, the tutorials are adequate, but just that and not for anyone who expects to run the tutorial once and head for a scenario or session. These engines are, I think, the most complicated ones introduced so far in TSW.

    What I'd like to have available is a sand-box situation for each engine: just the engine (or, in the case of the 101 Class, 2 or more engines) sitting on a track so that the learning driver could set it up, etc. by working through the instructions in the manual. Anyone with two monitors could then initiate the sand-box set-up on one of the them and have the manual open on the other. With one monitor only, the appropriate section of the manual could be copied, pasted, and printed for reference. Unfortunately, this just is not possible given the rigidly programmed tutorials (for example, controls or even their pop-up labels are not available while instructions are in progress) that do not match the complexity of the manuals that, I hope, are based on real-life situations.

    Hint: this would be a great time to have a scenario editor available.

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