Trick To Refueling Emd Fp7 On Feather River Canyon Scenario?

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    Hello everyone,

    I am at the final few minutes of the EMD FP7 1. Train 17 Westbound scenario in Feather River Canyon route on TS2018. I just finished dropping off the consist of several passenger cars at the final (only) passenger pickup/dropoff point in the scenario then headed over to the yard to refuel. However, when I get there and stop in front of the gravity fed refueling point - the gas pump icon shows red and will not allow me to refuel. I tried adjusting forward and back to see if that was the problem and it is not.

    Has anyone performed this scenario before and had the same issue? Is there a trick of some sort to refueling the EMD FP7 Zephyr?

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    Note: Here is a pic of the EMD FP7 Zephyr stopped next to the refueling point.
    Screenshot_Feather River Canyon_39.48416--121.55457_10-34-33.jpg
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