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Trophy/boss Fish In Game Menu?

Discussion in 'Future Content and Feature Requests' started by Wes_villa, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Wes_villa

    Wes_villa Member

    Apr 21, 2018
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    Its happened to me many times on euro fishing and will happen to me many more times on fishing sim... is it not possible for a simple menu, were u can see what boss/trophy fish you have and need for the lake your currently fishing? were for example you have done a good couple hours fishing, on one of the lakes and caught numerous boss/trophy fish and think "I wonder how many boss fish I have for this lake now" And "which ones do I actually have or need" example if your fishing on manor farm, you've caught a few boss/trophy fish and you can press options (PS4). There is a menu saying "boss fish" it shows all the boss you have and need for where you are currently fishing, similar to the menu on the main menu but just for the lake your on. Just a thought
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