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Discussion in 'TSW General Discussion' started by tcmikaelsouza, Jul 4, 2022.

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    Hello colleagues, good morning.

    I ask DTG when they will fix the problems that have been dragging on since the graphics engine and Rush Hours routes update, the most notable being:

    - Nahverkehr Dresden: Several RE50 Leipzig-Dresden services from the journey are having this problem of having a train stuck at the junction that is the beginning of the branch that goes to Meissen, and this new error that most players have been referring to, happens in the vicinity of Dresden Hbf and Mitte, where there is a concentration of immobile freight trains, causing traffic and red lights in a domino effect.CHAPTER 02 - PATH 3 and CHAPTER 08 - PATH 4, in addition to several Game Crash in the Dresden Mitte and Hbf region.;

    - M7 LIRR: Inaudible traction sound, known fault and reported several times, but no solution;

    - London Commuter 377SN and 387GX sounds, which are perfect listening externally, but internally it is very low, inside the cabin when you open the left window there is a very loud, DISPROPORTIONATE wind noise. I don't know if just solving this noise problem solves the rest, but I would like to hear better the traction sound inside the cabin on these two locomotives.
    Another sound problem is driving these locomotives in the rain, the rain noise is extremely loud compared to the other sounds. I believe that on the London Commuter there is no problem with the SOUND DAS LOCOS, but with the DISPROPORTIONAL SOUND MIXING, they need to better regulate (mix) the sound inside the cabin, with emphasis on the traction sound, wind noise with the window open , rain noise and safety system signals.

    - London Commuter: In the section between Redhill and Reigate, near the junctions, on the way to Reigate there is a section where the right track is invisible, or does not exist, but it is possible to travel through it without major problems;

    - Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen (Journeys Expansion): I can't complete the 3rd job [S19 Aug(Sieg)] from Chapter 2 of the Journeys Expansion in SKA as there is a train that doesn't move in Sindorf. (I believe he's heading towards Duren, but he doesn't go any further. [Note: The red light is for those heading towards Cologne.]

    - Oakville Subdivision Introduction: When playing Oakville Subdivision Introduction, the game doesn't recognize when I turn the internal camera back on and doesn't progress...any solutions. It's on the PS4 itself. I use the Immersive control, but it switches to classic before starting, everything goes normal until it asks to return to the camera in the first person, when I go back it doesn't recognize and I get stuck at this point, unable to complete the introduction.
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    I noticed that Oakville tutorial won't work if you're using the free camera as your external camera- at least back when I was doing it
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    The really loud rain has been there since tsw2 released. Most routes have loud rain, a few have quiet. It was perfectly fine in tsw2020. Red light issues affects a lot of routes and they each have to be looked at manually basically and there's like technical issues and stuff

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