Ts19 - Will The 32-bit Version Remain Untouched?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jstange, Sep 28, 2018.

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    We all know now that the 64-bit version is coming and it will be installed alongside the 32-bit version. However in one of the articles I read that there will be some other improvements too. What I'd like to know (and many others perhaps too) is whether the 32-bit version will remain as it is and all the improvements will be applied to the 64-bit only or it will go into 32-bit as well? If the latter then I urge you to keep the current version still available as an alternate within the steam beta choices, at least for some time - until all bugs are resolved.

    I myself would welcome if the improvements go to the 64-bit version only; so that the 32-bit remains as a safe heaven - although there are bugs, sure, but things work reasonably well now and I wouldn't like to lose all my collection to which I invested quite a lot because of a buggy release. We all know it happened in the past - choppy sound in TS13 (took 3 months to fix), bad lighting in tunnels in TS14 (took about a month to fix, luckily the community found a fix in a few days), bad horizon colours in routes ("white hills") in TS15 (took almost a year to fix)...to name but a few (not to mention flickering in-cab shadows that have never been fixed). Frankly if the 32-bit gets an update too, I am very worried about the outcome. I will certainly make a full backup, but it's hard to maintain it over time if the fix takes a year to be released.

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