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Tsw: Sbb

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by alexander.s, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. alexander.s

    alexander.s Member

    Jun 13, 2020
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    Swiss Railway is so unique, the locomotives are very very cool. Many have so unique systems and sounds, that make it a must for TSW. Would be fantastic to bring the Swiss trains to life with a quality like the previous addons. The landscapes are fantastic. It would be very nice. perhaps also historic swiss locomotives like Ae 6/6, Re 4/4 I with EW I and EW II, ICN, DPZ, Domino, Mirage, TEE, Crocodile, Re 4/4 II, Re 460, Stadler Flirt and GW. much much more.
    The locomotives in Switzerland are special because almost all of them were built at SLM in Winterthur and many electronic components were made by ABB, BBC and Oerlikon. These have unique sounds and the technology is unique and are part of its culture, unfortunately these unique locomotives are disappearing in Switzerland and should be brought back to life. Together with the beautiful landscape this will be a dream.

    Routes are:
    SBB Zürich - Luzern
    SBB S-Bahn Zürich S8, S7, Tössthalbahn,
    SBB Zürich - Olten - Basel Triangle
    SBB Zürich - Arth-Goldau
    SBB Arth-Goldau-Ciasso
    SBB Bellinzona-Locarno and Luino
    SBB Olten - Solothurn - Biel/Bienne - Yverdons les bas - Genève
    SOB Luzern - Romanshorn (a must, very wonderful and very scenic and one of the slopest railway in Europe.) with Einsiedeln
    BLS Bern - Neuchâtel
    BLS Bern - Thun - Brig - Domodossola (Lötschbergline with Basis Tunnel and Simplontunnel to Italy)
    SBB Bern - Langenthal - Luzern
    SBB Zürich - Konstanz and Romanshorn (Thurgaubahn)
    SBB Zürich - St. Gallen
    SBB Schaffhausen - Romanshorn - Rohrschach and St. Gallen - Bregenz - Lindau and from Brgenz to Alberg as a big (Dreiländereck with Austria)
    SBB Seethalbahn (other "Lichtraumprofiel" unique in Europe)
    SZU Zürich - Seebrugg

    There are so many wonderful routes and wonderful locomotives.

    Narrowgauche (1000mm)
    RhB Albula, Arosa, Bernina
    AB (Appenzellerbahnen) Trogen, St. Gallen, Appenzell, branch to Wasserauen, Gossau
    With the Säntis, can be also seen from the SOB line. Very wunderfully hilly region in the eastern of Switzerland.
    much much more...

    Please make also older versions from the 90's and 2000's with the wonderful unique locomotives and newer ones.
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  2. thesuperpuffin

    thesuperpuffin Member

    May 31, 2019
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    Ive been on the BLS Bern Thun Brig and the scenery is wonderful. The climb from fruitigen to kandersteg and Brig to Goppenstein would be fun to drive

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