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Tsw2 Experiences.

Discussion in 'PlayStation Discussion' started by fabienlimp95, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. fabienlimp95

    fabienlimp95 Member

    Jun 6, 2019
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    So ive played a lot of tsw2 the last weeks including some of the preserved collection. I just want to give a feedback to all members but mostly to the dudes at DTG.

    In general i was stoked to see CSX-HH are coming to the consoles, i love this route. Consider its the first of tsw, its awsome detailed. The performance in my eyes is more than execptable. Yes ive got fps drops too if ive got a 5000 ton train with 50 Wagons but its still playable and mostly enjoyable! Overall the performance improved in my eyes, preserved routes benefited from that. The Scenario-editor was a much needed feature and to bring it to the preserved aswell was the correct step. It will help longer the life of some routes (especially Rapid Transit imo). I can take (almost) every train to every route, but its not finished yet if you ask me. Sometimes its the choosen Route itself (its difficult to set a freight Train onto the Freightracks on Köln-Aachen, and the ICE has to wait behind...) maybe there is a trick to it i havent got yet. Some more Point to Point options would be great ( ECL// Brighton to Newhaven Industrie sidings, just to Name one ). There also some Trains missing yet ( the Histroic Mk II coaches comes only with class66... even if the 37/5 from TVL is in my collection. In my eyes these are Details DTG easyli can work on in the future so im looking forward to it.

    I really like the new was of communycating with us from DTG side, it was almost not existing in the past days, so good work on that!
    The Routemap is a banger idea and helps transparancy aswell as seeing "new" faces from the DTG-crew on the Livestreams!

    Overall i think tsw2 is a huge step into the right direction. Yes its not perfect, but what really is? All i care at this moment is that i have the feel DTG took a lot of response of their work and porblems and that is what a big part of the players and community wanted.

    Have a great Weekend, cheers!
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