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Uk Tocs Round 3b • Poll

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by trainsimplayer, Jun 24, 2021.


Round 3b (Pick 2 at most)

Poll closed Jul 1, 2021.
  1. First Great Western/Great Western Railway

  2. First Scotrail/Abellio era (w/o Abellio branding)

  3. London Northeastern Railway

  4. British Rail(ways)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. trainsimplayer

    trainsimplayer Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2021
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    Now it's the final stretch.
    The last two TOCs after this will finish off this World Cup of TOCs/What do the players want (looking at you DTG :P)
    So, to remind you, here are the operators.

    British Rail
    1948 - Founded as British Railways - Regional System
    1965 - British Rail became commonly used.
    1982 - Sectorisation
    1997 - Privatisation, BR Ceases operation.

    Routes Operated: All

    Stations Operated: All
    - Called at: All

    Franchised: No

    Operated by; British Government.

    I'm going to kind of cheat this one.
    Saying as anything Abellio related when it comes to Scotrail is going to be Debranded - or so it seems, judging by TS content - I'm just going to merge First Scotrail & Abellio eras together.

    1983 - BR Scotrail begins operation
    1997 - National Express begins operating the new Scotrail franchise
    2004 - First begin operating the franchise
    2008 - Transport Scotland announces all trains will receive the 'Saltire' livery.
    2015 - First ceases operation: Abellio take over
    2022 - Scotrail to be operated by Scottish Government (Transport Scotland)

    Routes Operated: All Scottish routes (Minus WCML south of Carstairs)

    Stations Operated: All Scottish (- Glasgow Central & Edinburgh Waverley)
    - Called at: All Scottish except Lockerbie

    Franchised: Yes

    Operated by; First

    (LNER) East Coast

    1996 - 2007: GNER Operates Franchise
    2007 - 2009: Nat Ex. EC operates
    2009 - 2015: East Coast operates
    2015 - 2018: Virgin Trains EC operates
    2018- LNER Operates

    Routes Operated:
    London - Lincoln, Hull, Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford, Skipton, York, Newcastle, Sunderland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Stirling, Inverness

    Stations Operated: Berwick-upon-Tweed (I am unaware of others)
    - Called at: Stations along routes above, Skipping most local stations.

    Franchised: Yes

    Operated by; UK Government DfT

    Great Western (GWR/FGW)

    2003 - Franchise Created as Wessex Trains, Thames Trains & Great Western franchises combined - First Operate the franchise
    2015 - FGW becomes GWR - Still First

    Routes Operated: South Wales ML, GWML, Devon & Cornwall, Western England Lines, etc.

    Stations Operated: many of the above routes' stations.

    - Called at: See above routes.

    Franchised: Yes

    Operated by; First
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