Train Sim World 3 Update Notes - July 4th

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DTG Alex, Jul 4, 2023.

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    Jun 16, 2022
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    Good afternoon everyone,

    Today we have fixes & improvements to Linke Rheinstrecke, Midland Main Line and also implementation of Livery Designer Compatibility on the HST for Great Western Express.


    Please view our full change list of patch notes below.
    These changes will be going live from now on all platforms shortly.

    Linke Rheinstrecke
    • Improved lighting at Mainz Station to remove black scenery items
    • DB BR 103 braking improvements
    • Mode indicators should now display 500Hz restrictive mode properly
    • PZB indicators should now remain active after resuming a Save Game
    • Fixed flooded terrain
    • Fixed NPC's clipping on clothing - We stitched up the holes so they no longer get cold

    Great Western Express - HST

    • Added Livery Designer Compatibility to the HST
    • Various fixed issues with the HST, lights and glowing elements.
    • Fixed reflections on the MK3 TS carriage.
    • Loco numbers and letters should now display properly down the formation.
    • Improved sounds when walking around the cab / consist.
    • Fixed an issue causing all numbers and letters to be the same as the leading power car
    • Improved the menu selection process to prevent duplicated entries.
    • Disabled substitution of HST and Class 66 in scenarios. This prevents random errors that cause some scenarios to not be completable.
    • Added Resume Last Played Image.

    Midland Main Line

    • TPWS should now only activate when matching train direction – notably around Mountsorrel and Nottingham C-Line
    • Train should not automatically brake as you pass the entry line turnout on the Down Fast Line
    • Driving 1C20 past Mountsorrel with a green signal should not activate TPWS
    • Reimplemented the 158 driver guard system.
    • ‘Can’t Make Your Mind Up’ scenario should now be completable
    • The poster at Leicester station should now be accessible
    • Updated PIS at stations to correctly display operating services
    • Updated PIS font on Class 158
    • Updated Class 43 RVM to cut in the DVD Service when both the Vigilance and DSD switches are not isolated.
    • Tail Lamps should now be present on the rear of all ROG 37 or freight services (note: Rail Head Treatment Trains have not had this applied.)
    • Localisation fixes and changes.
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