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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Goniea22, Feb 23, 2023.

  1. Goniea22

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    Sep 27, 2022
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    It would be cool to see a dlc or dlcs that are based off of American steam engines such as the Union Pacific big boy, Norfolk and western j class, the Pennsy t1 duplex and the pennsy k4
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  2. driverwoods#1787

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    Feb 21, 2021
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    Bring it on and why not bundle this with a German Steam pack
    West Germany
    DB BR085
    DB BR086
    DB BR010
    DB BR065
    DB BR095
    East Germany
    DR 18.201
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  3. jedi247

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    Feb 21, 2018
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    We have routes for UP, ATSF, and PRR steam. I have some ideas for restored (or soon to be restored) steam locos on these existing routes. Cajon Pass could use ATSF 4-8-4s #3751 and #2926. Sherman Hill (and Cajon Pass) could use UP FEF3 #844, Big Boy #4014, Challenger #3985, and maybe #5511 (a 2-10-2). I'd also like to add SP GS4 #4449 which could run excursions on Cajon and Sherman Hill. We could run PRR K4 #1361 (which is being restored) and NKP Berkshire #765 on HSC.
    As for other steam locos, we could see a B&O Sand Patch Grade steam loco DLC with an EM-1 Yellowstone and 2-10-2 "Big Six." PRR steam could include T1, Q1, and/or Q2 Duplexes, K4s, J1 2-10-4s, M1a/M1b 4-8-2s, the PRR Steam Turbine, BSsb 0-6-0s, H10 2-8-0 Consolidations, I1 Decapod 2-10-0s, etc. For ATSF, we could get, in addition to the 4-8-4s mentioned above, 2-10-2 "Santa Fes" (3800-Class) and 2-10-4s (5000 "Madame Queen", 5001-Class, and 5011-Class). For UP, we could get 4-12-2s and TTT-class 2-10-2s on Sherman Hill. J-Class 4-8-4 #611 is a must for excursion locos and could be run on HSC, but perhaps an N&W route could be made in the future and include the J-Class, Class-A 2-6-6-4, and 2-8-8-2 Y6b (and maybe a K-Class 4-8-2 as a DLC).
    I also want SP Cab Forwards for a steam-era Donner Pass or Tehachapi Pass route.
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