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    hi all, here is my suggestion for a next British DLC route.

    I believe the next route that should be considered is the vale of Glamorgan line starting at Cardiff central to Barry island.
    My reasoning for this is 1, this is under the 40 mile limit and 2, it’s a good to and throw route.
    With it starting at Cardiff Central means it is a good central hub adding a bit more structure to the DLC in terms of DLC 1 being Cardiff to Barry, then the possibilities of the other lines as additional dlc.
    This would be a good scenic line and plenty of scope with the added addition of canton depot, refuling options etc, here’s a brief look at the stops as you’ll see, the majority start from Cardiff central. (attached file)

    The addition of a class 142, 143, and a class 150 would be good.

    Thank you for your time in reading.

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